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Sep 09

How to See Fast Value from Intelligent Automation | UiPath

2020 has pushed companies to prioritize their intelligent automation journeys. Here's how you make sure you're delivering value from these projects.

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Sep 15

What Are Citizen Developers & How They Help Scale Automation | UiPath

We talk a lot about citizen developers, but who exactly are these rockstar non-technical users? Read more to find out (and learn how citizen developers are your secret weapon in scaling automation).

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Sep 14

Why RPA Is Best To Integrate Legacy Tech Systems | UiPath

Find out why chief information officers see Robotic Process Automation as the best technology to integrate legacy systems.

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Sep 02

Introducing UiPath Apps: A Robot-Powered Low-Code Platform

Learn about our new Apps product that marries automation with a low-code builder to make it easy for anyone to automate business processes.

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UiPath - Uipath - Rpa Platform

Built for both business and IT, UiPath is the leading platform for Enterprise Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

UiPath - Uipath - Uipath Robots

UiPath Robot executes attended and unattended automation with perfect accuracy from a desktop, data center or the Cloud.

UiPath - Uipath - Orchestrator

Control, manage and monitor your entire robotic workforce. Our browser-based server application centralizes in one secure place your entire enterprise operation.

UiPath - Uipath - Uipath Studio

Design your automation visually, without code. Use built-in recorder, drag & drop widgets and best practice templates to model your robotic processes fast.

Stermedia.ai - Sep 18 - Blog Post:
#TECH_EPISODE_01 [AI] Gradient Boosing Tree – The Underlying Model

Decision trees are one of the simplest to explain approaches to predictive modeling. They serve as a foundation of algorithms...

Perceptive Automata - Sep 17 - Blog Post:
Time of day

Do you ever become irritable before lunch? We feel you. Also, if you live and work in the Boston metropolitan...

Brain Corp - Sep 15 - Blog Post:
Nilfisk Launches New BrainOS-Powered Scrubber to Meet Autonomous Demand

Nilfisk announced the launch of a new high-performance robotic scrubber to meet the growing market demand for autonomous cleaning solutions.

Avidbots - Sep 15 - Blog Post:
Southern Regional School District in New Jersey to Depoy Neo

Press Release: Southern Regional School District in New Jersey latest to employ robotics amid pandemic. School board deploys Neo autonomous...

Avidbots - Sep 15 - Blog Post:
Neo 2: Delivering a Better, More Consistent Cleaning and Sanitization

Neo 2 is the commercial floor scrubber delivering a better, more consistent clean at facilities around the world. Lean how!

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