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Sep 16

3 Tips to Decrease Customer Service Turnover with AI and Automation

AI and automation doesn’t have to threaten the workforce. The customer service industry can use automation to eliminate mundane tasks and decrease turnover.

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Sep 09

Golden Rules to Survive the Future of Customer Experience

Customer experience is a challenge in the best of times. These golden rules will help you survive what comes next with happy customers in tow.

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Sep 02

The “why” behind the Multilingual AI Agent Assistants (MAIA) project: A conversation with Dr. Graham Neubig

As the Multilingual AI Agent Assistants (MAIA) project progresses, Unbabel shares an interview with Dr. Graham Neubig of Carnegie Mellon University, a research partner.

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Aug 26

Behind the GPT-3 Buzz: Why Human-in-the-Loop AI is Important

Pre-trained neural network language models like GPT-3 are revolutionary. But human-in-the-loop is still crucial to making AI successful. Here’s why.

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AWS - Machine Learning - Sep 18 - Blog Post:
Detecting and redacting PII using Amazon Comprehend

Amazon Comprehend is a natural language processing (NLP) service that uses machine learning (ML) to find insights and relationships like...

Artificial Solutions - Sep 17 - Blog Post:
Artificial Solutions utser Per Ottosson till ny VD

Styrelsen för Artificial Solutions har utsett Per Ottosson till ny VD. Han efterträder Lawrence Flynn som under de senaste tio...

Artificial Solutions - Sep 17 - Blog Post:
Per Ottosson appointed new CEO of Artificial Solutions

The Board of Artificial Solutions has appointed Per Ottosson as new CEO. He succeeds Lawrence Flynn who, over the past...

AWS - Machine Learning - Sep 17 - Blog Post:
Build alerting and human review for images using Amazon Rekognition and Amazo...

The volume of user-generated content (UGC) and third-party content has been increasing substantially in sectors like social media, ecommerce, online...

Monkeylearn - Sep 17 - Blog Post:
Real-Time Sentiment Analysis & Visualization

Sentiment analysis can automatically read tweets, emails, chats, and more, for emotion – regularly and in real time. Learn why...

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