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Smart technology for smarter cars

The automotive supplier and technology company that designs innovative solutions for smart mobility, intuitive driving and CO2 reduction.

The automotive industry is being disrupted by three simultaneous revolutions. This is something unique and without precedent: with the rise of electric drivetrains and alternatives such as hybrid technology, we are seeing a shift in the way cars are powered. At the same time, autonomous and connected vehicles and the digital revolution are giving rise to new forms of mobility.

Valeo is right at the heart of these three revolutions
Supported by its innovation strategy, aimed at reducing CO2 emissions and developing intuitive driving, the Group has anticipated new market demands and accelerated its profitable growth.

Company Details
  • https://www.valeo.com/en/
  • Headquarters Paris
  • Year Founded 1923
  • Company Size 10,001+ employees
  • Specialties Travel & Transport, Hardware & IoT, Self driving cars, Automotive, Autonomous, Autonomous vehicles, Autonomous driving
How Valeo uses AI in their company

We are building an artificial intelligence research center for automotive applications based in the center of Paris to conduct ambitious research projects, in particular in assisted and autonomous driving

Just as drivers need their senses to remain alert on the road, autonomous vehicles rely on various sensors to act as their eyes and ears. Valeo today has the widest portfolio of sensors in the auto industry with ultrasonic sensors, cameras – front, rear and surround view – radars and LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging). Together, this technology enables the vehicle to “see” what the human eye cannot always fully distinguish, from just a few centimeters to up to 250 meters away.

Artificial intelligence and deep learning are increasingly becoming key drivers for the challenges of the automated cars of tomorrow, from high performance sensors capable of perceiving and understanding the vehicles context, to advanced automated driving functions in complex environments, smart interaction with users and learning capabilities through connected cars. That is why Valeo has launched the first global research center in artificial intelligence and deep learning dedicated to automotive applications.

Seeing, understanding and acting is precisely what the autonomous car revolution is all about.

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